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ArtFaucet acts as a prop house which hires out artwork for its decorative use in film and T.V productions, in addition to hiring and selling to real estate showrooms, hotels, events, as well as private vendors.




Signing up with ArtFaucet provides several benefits to our clients. First and foremost, each time an artist has their art hired out, the artist receives a commission of up to 50% of the hire fee. Commissions are accumulated and paid out each month to our artists, providing them with a considerate and totally passive income.

Artists contributing original pieces are able to free up space to continue proliferating their portfolios. ArtFaucet acts as the storage solution which pays its clients, rather than charging them. For our digital artists, as well as those contributing original pieces, the opportunity to expose their work in the UK film, T.V and other industries, presents itself.




  1. Once an artist has reached out to us (via; the contact form above, e-mail, Instagram, or Facebook) or vice-versa, a correspondence between an ArtFaucet representative and the artist will ensue. Herein, (after having any further enquiries regarding the company answered) they will; select the art they wish to make available for hire, and sign our contract that allows us to hire out their work, whilst (for original pieces) insuring them against any improbable losses or damages.
  2. Next, if the work consists of original pieces, an ArtFaucet representative will collect the work, which will be stored safely and securely at ArtFaucet HQ. If the work consists of digital files, we request they be emailed to us (at the highest possible quality) and added to our inventory in anticipation of its big screen debut!
  3. Each time your work gets hired out, you will earn a commission; a percentage of the hire fee. These accumulated commissions will be paid to you on the third Friday of each month. A passive income made simple!


All artwork contributed by our clients is available for them to repossess and thereby be removed from the gallery at anytime upon short notice, at no charge.


Refer us to a friend, and your commission rate rises by 10% every time someone signs up citing your name!!!